How to Transfer Data from WhatsApp to FMWhatsApp?

If we want to switch from WhatsApp to FMWhatsApp, how do we transfer data from WhatsApp to FMWhatsApp? I have seen that many FMWhatsApp users are confused with this question. Some WhatsApp users are excited about the extra features and privacy settings of FMWhatsApp, but they hesitate to download FMWhatsApp APK because they don't know how to transfer their data.

Luckily, now there is an easy way to solve this tricky problem - come try it with me!

How to Transfer Data from WhatsApp to FMWhatsApp?

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  • First of all, backup all your WhatsApp data.
  • Next, download the FMWhatsApp APK and uninstall WhatsApp from your phone. Note that uninstalling WhatsApp does not mean you have to delete WhatsApp data or open FMWhatsApp.
  • Next, open the file manager on your mobile device and locate the folder containing the WhatsApp data you just backed up. Rename the folder to FMWhatsApp. Also, don't forget to rename the subfolders inside it. For example: WhatsApp_audio to FM WhatsApp_audio.
  • Now you can open the FMWhatsApp APK and sign in with your WhatsApp account. When you are asked if you want to restore your backup, click "OK". This process takes less than a minute. Once this is done, you will be able to use FMWhatsApp.

Those who have used FMWhatsApp have found that it is full of surprises. The new version of FMWhatsApp has many additional features that WhatsApp does not have, which greatly satisfies the need for different features. If you are tired of the boring WhatsApp themes, you can customize backgrounds and themes and even change the color of the navigation bar in FMWhatsApp; if you are concerned about your privacy, the app's privacy lock offers maximum protection. You can also use caller ID to stay away from annoying callers and use FMWhatsApp shake to meet up with your friends.